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Prithwiraj Bose

I am working as an I.T. Analyst in TATA Consultancy Services. I live in Kolkata, India. I love computers, programming, travelling and singing. Photography, spending time with my aquarium, designing a random website, painting, and singing is my favorite pass time.

Why You Should Not Choose Alliance Broadband

Written by Prithwiraj Bose on . Posted in Reviews of Products, Services and Websites

Alliance Broadband is no doubt one of the leading providers in Kolkata. When 3G is a great failure and broadband connections are too expensive Alliance comes into picture just like an oasis. I mean, you can’t really believe how they could manage to maintain such attractive price list. Still I would say avoid Alliance if possible. And I can show you handful reasons.


How To Start Using jQuery – jQuery Startup Tutorial For Beginners

Written by Prithwiraj Bose on . Posted in Programming Tips Tricks Tutorials

jQuery is a ready to use JavaScript library which makes your regular and extended JavaScript work easier. This is a basic jQuery tutorial which teaches you how to start using jQuery in your web pages. This tutorial focuses on integration of jQuery library into your existing web pages and basic usage of selectors to make your page work better.