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I am an Architect of Distributed Applications of Information Services Industries in TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. I live in Kolkata, India. I love computers, programming, travelling and singing. Photography, spending time with my aquarium, designing a random website, painting, and singing are my favorite pass time. I've recently grown interest in Electronics, IoT and Robotics.
Create an Obstacle Avoiding Arduino Robot

Creating an Obstacle avoiding Robot with Arduino, Adafruit Motor Shield v1 and Ultra-sonic Sensor

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Let’s make an Obstacle avoiding Robot. In this brief tutorial I will show how to build a perfect obstacle avoiding (run-away) robot using Arduino. I have used an Ultrasonic sensor mounted on a Servo Motor and a motor Shield for this project. The motor driver is Adafruit Motor Shield. This single shield is capable of controlling upto 4 DC motos and 1 servo motor simultaneously. Download link for the Arduino Robot Project Code (Arduino Sketch along with the required libraries) is available below. In this tutorial, I have not highlighted the instructions to setup the Robotic chassis along with BO Motors, Caster Wheel, Arduino Board etc. Rather I have concentrated on the how to extend the circuits to make it usable, connect the circuits and write the Arduino Sketch to make the Motors rotate by sensing the distance from Obstacles. When I created my first Arduino based Obstacle avoiding Robot, I was pretty much done with the mechanical connection, before getting stuck into the circuitry and programming. These were the 2 areas, where I struggled a lot and had to refer multiple tutorials to get a complete road-map. Here I will try to address those problems, which are often encountered by Newbies.

ত্রাতা (কবিতা)

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বৈশাখী ঝঞ্ঝায়
আলো নেভা রাতে
ঘুমানো শহরতলি
আধ-পেট ভাতে

ব্রিগেডে বিপ্লবে
ভোটের বাজারে
শুকিয়ে শুকনো হওয়া
হাজারে হাজারে

অহেতুক আশ্বাসে
তর্ক আসরে
সদ্য ঠকিয়ে যাওয়া
পুরনো দোসরে

চাষের জমিতে
শ্রমিকের চেতনা
তুমি এনে দিলে।

Problem of Video Categories Section Fixed : WordPress Video Plugin

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Now the problem of the Video Categories and Popular/Latest Videos etc is fixed. Your can watch videos by categories on

I had an issue with the WordPress Video Gallery Plugin. The Video Categories page was getting redirected to Blog Categories page.  Finally I got the solution to this problem from WordPress Support forum.