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In my review series, this blog is on VPSDime Review. In this VPSDime Review I will cover two most important questions. Whether VPSDime is reliable or not, and why their VPS Hosting Services are so cheap.

VPSDime – Did the name sounded Suspicious

If you already own a website and is aware of the hosting farms doing good, you probably heard of this name – VPSDime. And it is neither because they topped in Web Hosting Forums’ Hall of Fame, nor because your friend referred you. You have seen the name while searching Google with keywords like ‘cheap vps hosting’. They have done very good search engine optimization of their website and run the Adsense campaign regularly and for those relevant keywords. Probably that’s where you started learning about VPSDime. They seemed suspicious at first sight because their VPS Plans are so cheap that it is too good to be true. You get as much as the medium category (2nd lowest, or the 3rd lowest plan) Shared hosting plan at that price from Godaddy or Hostgator. And even more surprisingly, the services are offered at such a low price even when you opt for a monthly billing cycle. Wow! Nobody provides VPS Hosting at $7 on a monthly bill cycle.

Well, this was the first thing which stuck in my mind a year back when I was doing some research on this Hosting farm. It took more than a year for me to actually learn why and how they provide a month’s VPS at the cost of a can of beer.

Why Am I writing this VPSDime Review

Let me tell you why I had no option other than choosing VPSDime as my hosting provider an year ago. I was launching an Online Electronic Components Shop and I needed a server with root access because my website was under development and I wanted to do all the basic setup without any hassle and limitation. Since the project was in incubation and I didn’t have an Angel Investor to back me up, I was looking for a really cheap VPS hosting solution. I didn’t expected to get whole bunch of goodies and day-in day-out support from VPSDime at $7.

Obviously, you must have understood that cPanel based VPS was not my thing on VPSDime. I was excited about their $7 per month crud VPS with everything left for you to configure. Starting from there, after the signup and my first login to the VPSDime Server, I saw that I need to install most of the necessary software myself. I installed Apache, FTP Server, EHCP Control Panel, Mail Server, Bind9, xRDP, Gnome and what not. This initially seemed frustrating, but when I look back now, I know where I configured my staff and where to look for the right thing. I was unhappy, but not upset. My old school Unix lessons were getting brushed up. I left all that software installation hobbies years back. I was doing those stuffs again.

What went wrong with VPSDime After That

Off let I was realizing how much important it is to hire a professional server admin to run a website happily. On and off, I was getting PHP Config errors, DNS issues and several other Unix specific problem, which I am not familiar with. Eventually I ended up with a ‘not-opening website’. I rushed to VPSDime Support and requested them to inquire why my website is down for a day. Well, their support is truely fast. I must admit that I never had an open ticket stuck in the queue for more than 2 hours. It is really good for a 7 dollars’ hosting – that’s what I realize from my previous experience with web hosts. I got a response back and it was a slap on my face. I quote here the response from one of the three four total support desk executives:

Your VPS management is under your responsibility. Please hire a system admin to troubleshoot your issues for you.

As long as your VPS’s network is up and SSH responding, that’s the limit of our responsibility.

All the responses given here should be regarded as educated opinions and they are to direct you to the right direction. We do provide WHM licenses for convenience, it’s not our product and we don’t make a profit for offering it. You may purchase the license from another provider as well.

VPSDime Team

The response was insulting. My experience got worse in couple of hours. I wasted my $7 for that month, ensured that I have things backed up well, and I moved out. And that’s when I drafted this VPSDime Review.

What Made It Better Once Again

A month later I published this VPSDime Review on my blog and on couple of other web hosting review sites. Perhaps that’s when I was heard off. I started noticing a difference. VPSDime actively responded to my reviews and I can’t express in words, how happy I was to fix things up in this relationship with VPSDime. On20th August, 2017 I got a mail and subsequently, a call from VPSDime Owner Oktay Kilic. The call was not meant for a behind-the-scene settlement between VPSDime and me. It was full of sympathy and apology from the end of VPSDime. I am really moved and highly appreciate the fact that a web host is so careful about its reputation and customer satisfaction that the owner call a really upset customer, personally. The call restored my faith on VPSDime and on Online Blogging as a strong platform to raise your voice. When it’s true that I can’t change my experience and the bad days which I faced with VPSDime, I can definitely work on giving it a new try! As a mark of apology, VPSDime offered me a full year of free VPS Hosting with cPanel and WHM which costs way more than $7 and never claimed to remove my negative review in exchange. It’s only me who made a choice of writing this good review, and reelecting VPSDime as my hosting partner.

In the following segments I will briefly answer the questions which are key items of this VPSDime Review.

Why VPSDime VPSHosting is So Cheap?

In the words of VPSDime themself –

“Our VPS hosting service does not have a troubleshooting feature included. We will most likely try to direct you the right documentation when we are not swamped by any other work but that’s most likely be the limit. As long as your VPS’s network is up and SSH responding, that’s the limit of our responsibility.”

Simple and meaningful. They clearly state that their VPS Plans are cheap because they provide unmanaged hosting. Human labor is the most costly expense for any organization running on date. VPSDime has cut their cost on that part. So their services’ price tag has gone down. There is no rocket science in it. At $7 per month pricetag, you do not expect to get full support to fix your website’s problem. And thus you don’t get it. If you are a reasonable person it’s not difficult to realize that in this expensive world they are charging only seven bucks for the hardware and network connectivity. Your mobile service provider charges more than this to give you internet connectivity. You often complain about your mobile service provider’s network problems, speed of internet and fare usage policies. But VPSDime, is giving you an entire web hosting package with 6GB of RAM and 30GB SSD HDD space. What else should you expect?

Is VPSDime VPS Hosting Reliable?

I initially had the impression that you can’t rely on a service which is as cheap as $7 per month. When I closely reviewed the responses I received from VPSDime and re-read their terms of service, I didn’t find anything fishy. Specially when I posted negative review on VPSDime, I got a call from VPSDime and found it really exciting to see how much they valued customer experience. They wanted to fix mistakes at their part and it was really splendid experience for me. So, simply put, I won’t refer them ‘unreliable’. But make sure you have the necessary skills to manage your own servers. You won’t get a SoS help from their support desk when your website goes down at a pick time due to errors and your own mistakes.

VPS Hosting – Things To Consider Before Buying

In my view, when you are looking for VPS Hosting, there must be certain needs for your website which are not met in a typical shared hosting. So, always consider the price while leaning towards VPS Hosting. Unlike Shared Hosting where crowd-selling is a regular practice, VPS Hosting is often the service, where a web hosting farm spends its time and attention mostly. So, VPS Hosting is usually never a cheap item to buy. In contrast, if you have a set of experienced Unix Admins or server experts, hosts like VPSDime is your choice with no alternative.

This VPSDime review would remain incomplete if I do not mention few of the names whose VPS Hosting is costly but fully managed. Following are some of the web hosts who configure your website and fix most of your server problems when you buy a VPS Package from them. But, none of them give you a server at a price that VPSDime does. So, it’s finally your choice whether you want to pay less, or get it hassle-free.

  1. Hostgator
  2. Godaddy
  3. Bluehost
  4. 1and1

This was my VPSDime Review. Was this VPSDime Review useful? Please share your thoughts and personal experiences in the comments section below. In the following section I have rated VPSDime on various hosting service providers’ attributes as part of the VPSDime Review.

The name ‘VPSDime’ in this article is used to refer the entity VPSDime. Copyright of the name is otherwise owned by the respective entity and by no means sribasu.com has ownership, authority or liability on the name.

VPSDime VPS Hosting

VPSDime VPS Hosting





      Support Response Time


        Support Response Quality


          Server Uptime and Speed


            Pre-installed Programs


              White Labeled Terms and Practices



                • Super Cheap Service
                • Unmatched Amount of VPS Hardware Resources
                • Full Root Access
                • OS of Your Choice
                • High Speed Servers
                • SSD Disk - Lightning Fast
                • White Labelled Terms
                • Monthly Bill Cycle At Same Price


                • Meant for Unix Admins - Unmanaged Hosting
                • Not adequate Pre-installed Programs

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