Link A Particular Moment / Scene in Youtube Video (Hyperlink to Minutes and Seconds)

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Youtube Videos can be embedded on various devices, web pages and platforms. Youtube provides lot of easy to use features to embed and hyperlink videos. One of such cool features are – you can even link a particular moment/scene in a Youtube Video.

You have often hyperlinked or embedded Youtube videos using URLs of following patterns:

Here the video id is passed using GET parameter ‘v’. Now to hyperlink a particular scene you just have to mention the Scene position in the video in Minutes and seconds. An example to hyperlink the moment at 2 Mins and 10 seconds will be as following:

In the above URL #t=2m10s serves the purpose of hyperlinking the 2 Mins 10th seconds position in the video. When such a link is clicked or embedded in a webpage, the video will start playing from the mentioned moment. This feature is really useful when you want someone to show a particular scene in a very long video.

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