Alliance Broadband Speed Test Results & Review

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In my previous blog, I wrote why Alliance Broadband is not a not a good option to choose in Kolkata. In this article I will show you some of the practical examples of Alliance Broadband Speed test in Kolkata and its suburban area.

Following are some of the Alliance Broadband Speed Test results (location wise) and brief reviews:

Alliance Broadband Speed Test Result of Nadia District

Alliance Broadband Speed Test Result of Nadia District [Plan 750 Kbps/Night UL]

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Prithwiraj Bose

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  • Amritesh Rai


    Sir, can you please do pingtest of alliance on singaporean servers and send a screenshot of the same. I want a ISP with low ping for online gaming. If you can suggest any bettter option for this purpose it would be helpful.
    I live near JDU.


  • Mia


    Hi, I never heard about this Alliance broadband service in the north region


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